Betatype on FontShop

Betatype fonts are new available on!

Mixing up some special sauce

I've been looking to add some details to the fine line script that will make the type unique. There is no shortage of OpenTypey scripts out there, so I have been experimenting, breaking things and making messes to find something different. I stumbled upon these connectors which are bent to horizontals just before they attach. They are an abstraction of the micro features in that happen naturally in handwriting. Here's a sample of what I mixed up yesterday.

Wedding script caps, OpenType goodness

I've added some script caps, along with some swashiness to the wedding types. We're still ironing out some lumps in the caps.

Betatype on MyFonts

Betatype fonts are now available on MyFonts! Make sure to check out MyFonts' fantastic OpenType previews and dynamic specimens.

Display type inspired by Main Street

After putting the kids to bed at a well known southern California tourist destination, I drew up an alphabet inspired by a storefront in the park.

Saturday morning spiro

I spent the better part of the morning drawing in fontforge using spiro curves. Despite a lot of crashing and some fumbling as happens with new tools, it was a really positive experience. The one thing that I haven't yet been able to get used to is when you move a spiro point, it tends to move the curves all around the glyph. It can be a little unsettling to fix one side of a bowl, only to have it slosh around when you move the other side.

Here is the result of my effort; It's a quick lowercase sans that feels a little British, maybe?

First draft of titling caps for a wedding

The caps are designed to work in conjunction with a similarly thin script face. Both are very much in a draft state.

Grant Avenue and Apertura go live

Both Grant Avenue and Apertura are live! Grant Avenue is now a part of Veer's Umbrella collection, while Apertura is the newest member of the Cabinet collection.

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