Aperture [working title] beta

I've settled on Aperture as a working title for the new geometric. I'll see if it fits. In the mean time, I'm making the black and medium weights available as a beta. Let me know what you think. As always, please don't try to sell or redistribute it.

ApertureBeta.zip25.56 KB

Hey Christian,

I really like what I see here, but I do think that there is work to be done, especially concerning the widths of characters. For example, the f, k, r, s, and t seem to be rather skinny compared to letters like o and u.

Some other things:
1. I think that your i and your l should match—either both with a slight curl at the bottom or neither.
2. The Æ seems very awkward AND the left-bearing is excessively wide.
3. It is very unusual for æ to still have the a's tail attached, was this intentional?
4. The letters à, á, â, ã, ä, and å all need to have their accents moved to the right slightly so that the diacritics rest in the optical center of the character.
5. Full coverage of Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A would be VERY nice (although less important, full coverage of Latin Extended-B through -D would also be greatly appreciated :-P)
6. The ogonek on ę should be moved to the left (ie, in the optical center of the , not to the right of it)
7. ƒ seems a little thin (not width-wise, but stem-thickness-wise)
8. I would love to have a g.alt available which would be a two-story g rather than one that is only one-story.
9. There are a few characters that I just don't like: ×, đ, Ţ, and ţ

For more comments, I highly recommend posting a PDF of this font onto the Typophile forums for people to review.

- Bob