Saturday morning spiro

I spent the better part of the morning drawing in fontforge using spiro curves. Despite a lot of crashing and some fumbling as happens with new tools, it was a really positive experience. The one thing that I haven't yet been able to get used to is when you move a spiro point, it tends to move the curves all around the glyph. It can be a little unsettling to fix one side of a bowl, only to have it slosh around when you move the other side.

Here is the result of my effort; It's a quick lowercase sans that feels a little British, maybe?

Cool. I hope you're giving Raph some feedback.

Your 'g' looks like FF Quadraat Sans as drawn with a compass.

Love it! Looks like a modern version of Gill Sans, one of the best ever. Perhaps that is why it gives you a British feeling.